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Shipping Methods

Shipment within Greece

All products you order via cretantreasure.gr are dispatched within one to four working days in all over Greece with the transport/courier company TNT. 

For shipments within Greece, shipping costs for weight up to 500gr amount to 5.65 EUR. For weight up to 1kg the cost is 6.10 EUR. For weight up to 2kg the shipping cost is 6.50 EUR. The cost of COD amounts to 4.40 euros.

For orders more than 2kg the cost is given below:

Weight Cost
3 kg 11.40 EUR
4 kg 13.50 EUR
5 kg 15.50 EUR
6 kg 17.50 EUR
7 kg 19.52 EUR
8 kg 21.60 EUR
10 kg 25.65 EUR


Shipping Αbroad

For shipments abroad shipping costs range from 9.24 EUR for weight up to 500gr, to 12.32 EUR for weight up to 1kg and to 18.15 EUR for weight up to 2kg. For weight up to 2.5 kg the cost is 34.99. For orders more than 2.5 kg the cost is given below: (In case order’s weight exceeds 12kg, please contact us to provide you with the exact cost of transport.)

Weight Cost
3 kg 37.39
5 kg 37.57
6 kg 38.18
7 kg 38.78
8 kg 39.40
9 kg 40.00
10 kg 40.61

After submitting your order, you will automatically receive an email with what you ordered. You do not need to do anything else. Your order has been launched  and you can see the process stages in the order development. If any problem occurs, we will contact you.The costs can be modified depending on the EU country.

All the above prices are subject to VAT 24%.